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Ever ‘done’ all the things and nothing was working?

You posted, you market, you did the calls, the education, the value… and yet…crickets 🦗 Sucks doesn’t it? What we TEND to focus on when this happens is on what we’re DOING. AND FOR THE […]

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When do you know you’ve done ENOUGH work on your mindset to grow?

When do you know you’ve done ENOUGH work on your mindset to grow? because there’s gotta be a finish line… ….right? A common reflection I get from current clients, potential clients, strangers on the internet […]

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Ready to ask yourself the tough question?

Are you truly grateful for what you have? OR Are you just settling for the status quo because you don’t want to seem spoiled and offend the people who’d kill for what you have? ———————————————————— […]

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Are you helping…or hindering?

Whenever you take responsibility for another person you take away the possibility and their ability for them to reach their highest potential and grow And if you’re providing a service that would mean you’re depriving […]

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“No, please don’t help me!”

Would you be irritated or overjoyed if scientists found a cure for heart disease and didn’t tell you about it because they didn’t want to appear pushy? And have you ever been angry at being […]

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Trust and Surrender

What would shift for you if you directed the unconditional beliefs you have… …Into trusting that things will work out for you? …Into trusting that your audience DOES want to hear from you and buy […]

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Don’t let yourself fall into this trap!

The worst thing we can do to a human being is to put them in isolation. Have you ever thought about that? That a prisoners’ worst punishment ALREADY IN JAIL, is to take all human […]

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On Being Irresponsible

So here’s a thought – what if being irresponsible is the key to your wildest wet business dreams?

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“For months I’ve been trying to get her to send me the copy for her website so I can finish it…” My client said to me. “….And NOW she wants me to have the website […]

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The Emotions of My Story

HOPEFUL when I started high school JOYFUL knowing me and my brother would be able to have lunch together now CONFUSED when they stuck worms in my hair SAD when my brother was nothing but […]

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