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“I doubled my highest income month with ease!”

“I was in her Wealth Rebellion Academy and I was able to double my highest income month in a way that felt so easy. When I’m looking back I’m like, how did I do it? But it was definitely because I was working with her.”


Karin G, Dating Coach

I can say I’ve not only made all the money it costs back within those 8 weeks, but I also increased my total monthly earnings without working more”

Emma Medina Castrejon, Brand Photographer

“Signing up 14k+ is my new thing!”

“I’d never have expected to be able to sell 8k of work in just ONE phone call, but it actually happened. And then I sold a 14k project in another call. All whilst being me.”

Anna Lewis, Polka Dot Data

48 hours in and she already made 7.7k$

“…It’s been 2 days after our quick session and I already closed 7750$! And I’ve not even had all of my sales calls yet AND it’s only the beginning of the month! Like day 1!!!!….”

Courtney Tarrant – “7750$ in 48 hours!”

Deepshikha made 15,500$ in one day

“Adina is my magic wand! Every time I talk to her about my business, my Bank Account Grows. In a SINGLE Phone Call, she helped me have a breakthrough on a problem I had been stuck, for days and I made $15,500 in ONE DAY!”

Deepshikha Sairam, Founder + CEO, Socialique Group

I made 19.5k in 4 weeks”

“Before I worked with Adina I was about to file for bankruptcy. Within 2 weeks of our call I banked 11.2k and within 4 weeks I was able to bank 19.5k in total(and counting).”

Lacey Broussard, The Multiorgasmic Mama

Anya Parker Lentz – “5k in 3 weeks and counting!”

Karin Gambaracci — “I doubled my income in 8 weeks!”

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