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“I doubled my highest income month with ease!”

“I was in her Wealth Rebellion Academy and I was able to double my highest income month in a way that felt so easy. When I’m looking back I’m like, how did I do it? But it was definitely because I was working with her.”


Karin G, Dating Coach

I can say I’ve not only made all the money it costs back within those 8 weeks, but I also increased my total monthly earnings without working more”

Emma Medina Castrejon, Brand Photographer

“Signing up 14k+ is my new thing!”

“I’d never have expected to be able to sell 8k of work in just ONE phone call, but it actually happened. And then I sold a 14k project in another call. All whilst being me.”

Anna Lewis, Polka Dot Data

48 hours in and she already made 7.7k$

“…It’s been 2 days after our quick session and I already closed 7750$! And I’ve not even had all of my sales calls yet AND it’s only the beginning of the month! Like day 1!!!!….”

Courtney Tarrant – “7750$ in 48 hours!”

Deepshikha made 15,500$ in one day

“Adina is my magic wand! Every time I talk to her about my business, my Bank Account Grows. In a SINGLE Phone Call, she helped me have a breakthrough on a problem I had been stuck, for days and I made $15,500 in ONE DAY!”

Deepshikha Sairam, Founder + CEO, Socialique Group

I made 19.5k in 4 weeks”

“Before I worked with Adina I was about to file for bankruptcy. Within 2 weeks of our call I banked 11.2k and within 4 weeks I was able to bank 19.5k in total(and counting).”

Lacey Broussard, The Multiorgasmic Mama

Anya Parker Lentz – “5k in 3 weeks and counting!”

Karin Gambaracci — “I doubled my income in 8 weeks!”

“For the first time I am EASILY forecasting a monthly income of £3835”

Since our first conversation and our first belief session, I have felt a huge growth not only in my business but also in my personal life!
For the first time I am EASILY forecasting a monthly income of £3835, which is more than double what I was struggling to invoice before working with Adina.

On top of this huge success, my travel anxiety has also completely, and unexpectedly, disappeared! Living as a digital nomad, the value of losing this travel anxiety is honestly incalculable.

Before we started, I expected there to be a long development process, but was dedicated to working on myself and committing to following the practice no matter how long it took. Such speedy and significant results have been an absolute surprise. Being shown, guided and taught in line WITH my Human Design made it so easy to comprehend and value the guidance and information so I could see such mindset and motivational growth!

Bee Dohnt, Founder, SEO Bitch

Yvonne Dam

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