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Hi, I’m Adina, human design 5/1 Projector

and an international Business Coach, NLP Practitioner,  Sales Expert, Author &  Speaker for visionary Entrepreneurs!

I’m certified in NLP by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and The Belief Coaching Method by Relinde Moors and guided clients all over the world to grow their income + business sustainably using Human Design.


In 2008 at the tender age of 19 I moved to the UK to have a valid excuse NOT to apply to universities! I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and the following 9 years were filled with IT sales jobs because working Mo-Fri and getting a decent paycheck was a great idea for an adolescent!

Except I have also learned during that time, that society DID NOT like it when you finished your work earlier than everyone else, or when you achieve your goal through a different method than what was taught. As I’ve experienced countless corporate sales trainings that always taught the same thing of PUSHING your agenda and ignoring what the client wants… It just didn’t feel right.

My colleagues didn’t like it much either but some of them just seemed to have accepted it as “Normal”.

Over time this led me to study human behavior, create my own business and here we are now!

Many entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure to meet and coach have the same urge: Your business was created to build freedom, and financial independence + do something meaningful!

But whenever you try to break through your own ceiling and level up, SOMETHING comes up! You get ill, you make the same income as before or you somehow loose the gain you’ve had!

That is what I experienced for so long – when I didn’t know my Human Design and that, as a Projector, the standard rules of engagement don’t apply to me! When I finally tapped into my design and shifted limiting patterns and upgraded my identity to upgrade my external world, I was able to create a sustainable business model, that most people find baffling!

And that took a lot of self-awareness and courage! Because we are NOT taught to do things differently.

Which is exactly what I’m here to do! Help you disrupt and dismantle old and outdated paradigms to create your OWN sustainable model of success!

Tap into your unique design and run a business that scales WITH you

Using Sales by Design is how I’ve helped businesswomen around the world convert higher-level clients with much less effort, create programs that felt more like play but are very profitable and helped them understand how to organize their team so it allows for maximum growth and more.

The world teaches us that everyone else knows about us more than we do. That Parents, teachers, governments etc somehow have THE answer. And I followed the advice of many authority figures and felt bitter, resentful + alone when THEIR strategies for success in business left me tired, exhausted + with no more money than I had before!

That’s why Human Design is at the core of EVERYTHING I do!

This tool allows you to understand YOUR unique energetic blueprint and combined with coaching + belief work gives you the understanding and clarity to create a sustainable system that ACTUALLY works for you in the long term!



Get to know me with random facts that will potentially leave you wildly amused or wish you had strong liquor next to you!

Favourite food? Japanese, Greek + Italian

Cheese is part of my daily ritual. Vitamin Cheese is part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Lover of Memes - if you ever wanted to make my day, send me GIFs and memes and I WILL love you!

I’m a big fan of the Grisha Trilogy

I use red lipstick as a form of war-paint. It makes me feel unstoppable. Even if I wear Jogging Bottoms below the 'Zoom' line ;)

I’ve read every Harry Potter at least 10 times (8 x in German, twice in English).

Once I applied to be a Pilot but was rejected because I was 3 cm too short. (LOOK AT ME NOW LUFTHANSA!)

I have a Pop-Vocal Degree and sang in a Band by the name of ‘Scarlet Sun’. The only times I sing now is when I’m in the shower, perform a full-blown driver-seat Concert in my Car on the Motorway, while I cook or take a shower.

I turned down the opportunity to coach on a show that would have been aired on Netflix + Hulu last year and I don’t regret it one bit.

When I was 11 I read my first Harry Potter book, I was the same age as him then and waited faithfully for my owl. When I turned 12 I still waited thinking “It must have gotten lost somewhere” and I was sad to find I still hadn’t received my invitation. Even to this day, I think it would have been so cool to go to Hogwarts.

When I worked in IT Sales my boss told me I had no discernible talents. Now I start my days at 10 am & have sofa lunches before I get on a call with my clients. Pure Bliss.

I won a Bronze medal in Chess when I was 9 years old.

I grew up in the top right corner of Germany and I'm not good with Geographical Terms.

I'm GENUILNY always interested in your fluffy pets! I have a cat named King Boo (like the Ghost from Mario).

I'm a huge fan of philosophy. I've devoured the works of Markus Aurelius, Sokrates and Aristotle, to the studies of Lao Tsu, and more. It's how started loving how to the human psyche works

I have never studied at university! I have no formal degree and I don't regret that one bit!

The best piece of advice I'd give any younger person is this:

Travel to a country or place where you don't speak the language at least once for 3 months or more! It's the most humbling and mind-expanding experiences that have led me to meet extraordinary people and set me on the path I am now. (Had I stayed back in Germany I'd likely not be my own boss)

My biggest flex is speaking English without (mostly) an accent ;) Most native english speakers thing I'm from the southern hemisphere.

I'm a huge video game advocate. The level of learning, creative problem + even empathy a lot of games teach is something I'd encourage you to do! If you like books, think of them as LIVING your books story! Among my all time favorite games so far are Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, Zelda breath of the wild, Stardew Valley and Final Fantasy 7 + 9 (the list is much longer but these are timeless)

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