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Human Design Coach for Visionary Entrepreneurs

Adina Kroll is an international Business Coach, Sales Expert, Author, Speaker & Defender for women who DARE to desire more money, impact and freedom. (We’re a rebellious bunch!).

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on learning from mentors, coaches and courses. I’ve followed the strategies and spent over 7 years in corporate sales and learned that the scalability of my client’s business isn’t down to ONE strategy that worked for someone else!

For years I’d find myself buying course, program and coaching program after the other to learn what others have before me.

And I found myself frustrated + depleted by the conflicting information out there that tore my energy and attention in different directions.

The choices of HOW TO run your business are endless – so which one do you pick?

Human Design allowed me to find out that as a 5/1 Emotional Projector I wasn’t designed to work traditional hours and that the way I approached marketing + systems to scale in my business wasn’t optimal.

I was tired, bitter + exhausted from feeling like I had to fight to be seen and heard using the same strategies my mentors seemingly used with ease.

It was actually IN one of the many mentorship programs I bought where I was learning and applying the exact systems my mentor at the time used to grow her business successfully where I was introduced to Human Design after over and over the methods that were taught didn’t work for me.

Since then, things have clicked into place, I found out how to use my unique strategy to build my business in a way that works for me, and scale it in a way that feels good.

I used to think Wealth was the result of hustle and hard work – but hard work doesn’t need to be painful. Hard work can be fun and it can be rewarding + beautiful and not break you.

Tap into your unique design and run a business that scales WITH you

Using Sales by Design is how I’ve helped businesswomen around the world convert higher-level clients with much less effort, create programs that felt more like play but are very profitable and helped them understand how to organize their team so it allows for maximum growth and more.

A few years ago I was frustrated and bitter thinking that I’m a special case where the systems that work for my mentors simply didn’t work the same for me…

…now I understand my unique Human Design blueprint

which allows me to make choices based on what’s correct for MY design and my business so I can more easily scale + grow.

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Random facts that will potentially leave you wildly amused or wish you had strong liquor next to you!

I find the word 'boob' Universally amusing. Throw it in a sentence like confetti and I will giggle uncontrollably like the responsible adult that I am.

I don’t want kids and I don’t want to get married and I have no idea if this will change.

Favourite food? Japanese, Greek + Italian

Cheese is part of my daily ritual. Vitamin Cheese is part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Lover of Memes - if you ever wanted to make my day, send me GIFs and memes and I WILL love you!

If finding fitting GIF’s would be an acknowledged record I’d win.

I’m a big fan of the Grisha Trilogy

I use red lipstick as a form of war-paint. It makes me feel unstoppable. Even if I wear Jogging Bottoms below the 'Zoom' line ;)

I’ve read every Harry Potter at least 10 times (8 x in German, twice in English).

Once I applied to be a Pilot but was rejected because I was 3 cm too short. (LOOK AT ME NOW LUFTHANSA!)

I have a Pop-Vocal Degree and sang in a Band by the name of ‘Scarlet Sun’. The only times I sing now is when I’m in the shower, perform a full-blown driver-seat Concert in my Car on the Motorway, while I cook or take a shower.

I turned down the opportunity to coach on a show that would have been aired on Netflix + Hulu last year and I don’t regret it one bit.

I talk about Sales + Money a lot because for so long I struggled making it. Growing up in the rural end of Germany meant I was raised to work hard, to not stand out and to get a job that pays well regardless of whether I liked it or not – This didn’t sit well with the girl who wanted to be a princess flying into space with NASA at the age of 4.

When I was 11 I read my first Harry Potter book, I was the same age as him then and waited faithfully for my owl. When I turned 12 I still waited thinking “It must have gotten lost somewhere” and I was sad to find I still hadn’t received my invitation. Even to this day, I think it would have been so cool to go to Hogwarts. Also, I read each book 8 times now.

A few years ago when I worked in IT Sales my boss told me I had no discernible talents. Now I start my days at 10 am & have sofa lunches before I get on a call with my clients. Pure Bliss.

I won a Bronze medal in Chess when I was 9 years old.

I grew up in the top right corner of Germany and I'm not good with Geographical Terms.

I'm a 5/1 Emotional Projector in Human Design

My most used phrase is "I know, RIGHT?!"

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