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Business Coach & Sales Expert Adina Kroll presents:

Courageous Elite Membership

Adina is a 5/1 Projector, Business coach & sales expert for creative female entrepreneurs who are DONE killing themselves getting to a consistent 2-5k each month…

…And who are READY to command 2.5k+ a pop with ease + grace (and without feeling gross asking for that kind of dosh!)

Kiss having to work with 10+ clients a month goodbye, who try to haggle you down on your prices. 

Say ‘Bye Felicia’ to getting underpaid and overdelivering ALL. THE. TIME. 

She worked in IT-Sales for over 7 years and hated the feeling of people being treated like ‘livestock’.

Fast forward close to a decade and she’s cracked the code for women in the online service industry to sell with integrity, grace and without feeling like they’re greedy for asking to be compensated well for the awesome work they do!

Commanding 2.5k+ and have clients THANK YOU for the pleasure of working with you is her jam.

Disclaimer: I do not offer refunds or guarantee results. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time (your membership will then terminate at the end of the period you’ve paid through).

Join the Courageous Elite Membership for 110$/month - Here’s the Low-down:


Adina Combines science and a touch of woo to help you get clarity on selling high-end!

She’ll teach you the mindset and strategies to create your own blueprint to hack your success! (because there is no ONE way to make sh*t work! There’s YOUR way and she’s here to show you how you can harness your powers so you can take out the guesswork and stop comparing yourself!)

Do you want to learn how to charge high-end? 

Get Paid to overdeliver and work less? 

Would you love to learn how to hack sales + sign up your ideal clients who LOVE you and are happy to pay you what you are asking for? 

Do you want to learn how to successfully give yourself a payrise without feeling like you’re greedy? 

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these, then this membership is for you.

What you’ll get:

  • Monthly Facebook live trainings + Q&A to help you make money with grace + ease
  • Monthly Mastermind Call
  • Tools, techniques, and instructions to help you successfully ask for, receive and increase your cashflow without feeling icky or pushy!
  • Action Prompts to help you make money YOUR bitch and become unstoppable!
  • Private Facebook membership group to ask questions & receive personalised coaching
  • Special Offers to her other programs and offers
  • Bonus Materials to inspire and motivate you to conquer + claim your dream income

Get over $1,000 monthly value for just: $110 per month!

Who is this for?

Female Service providers such as coaches, web designers, brand experts, stylists and more!

For women in business who know how to get leads but aren’t converting many of them.
For female business owners that are done killing themselves to make their consistent revenue and are ready to get paid more and work less by selling with ease + grace.

Who ISN’T this for?

Product-based businesses, MLM’s or any other form of network marketers, Men <– sorry women only 😉

If you’re just starting out – In order to get the most out of this membership you need to have foundations i.e. your website, you need to have a rough idea of who you’re serving and what you offer.

“Signing up 14k+ is my new thing!”

“I’d never have expected to be able to sell 8k of work in just ONE phone call, but it actually happened. And then I sold a 14k project in another call. All whilst being me.”

Anna Lewis, Polka Dot Data

I made 19.5k in 4 weeks”

“Before I worked with Adina I was about to file for bankruptcy. Within 2 weeks of our call I banked 11.2k and within 4 weeks I was able to bank 19.5k in total(and counting).”

Lacey Broussard, The Multiorgasmic Mama

I signed up 12.5k for one project!

I’m booked out making consistent 5 figure months. Before I worked with Adina I was scared to even ask for anything over 2k; I chronically undercharged + constantly over delivered.

Eloise Ranson, Founder + CEO, This Is Eloise

Disclaimer: I do not offer refunds or guarantee results. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time (your membership will then terminate at the end of the period you’ve paid through).

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