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Business Coach & Sales Expert Adina Kroll presents:

Courageous Elite Membership

Adina is a 5/1 Projector, Business coach & sales expert for creative female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up + want to claim their seat at the table of leaders!


By using a mox of Human Design, sales psychology + coaching she helps women uncover their own unique blueprint of how they’re designed to make money and do business.

Because what works for others, may not work for you.


When she worked in IT-Sales for over 7 years, she wondered why so many women struggled (including herself), to sell how they were taught.

It felt gross, icky and approaching random strangers with a hidden agenda of signing a check didn’t seem right.

Women deal with this on a daily basis. Because of how we’ve been conditioned, making money and being in the business of helping others clash.

Unless you know how to overcome that. And that’s what she does.

Disclaimer: I do not offer refunds or guarantee results. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time (your membership will then terminate at the end of the period you’ve paid through).

Join the Courageous Elite Membership for 190$/month - Here’s the Low-down:


Adina Combines sales psychology + Human Design to help you unleash YOUR unique blueprint to running your business from a place of ease + flow.

Maybe you’ve pressured yourself in the past with lengthy launch cycles that just didn’t feel good…

Perhaps you’ve filled your roster of clients each month but you crave more time to grow (and also have more breakfasts in bed)…

Or maybe you’ve implemented other people’s strategies that, sure, had results, but left you drained, feeling like you had to convince people to buy or maybe even bored of your offer…

Or maybe you just want to unlock more opportunities because you’re ready to simplify + scale.

Most women in business face a unique set of challenges because of how women have traditionally been conditioned.

Being in the business of helping others and making money tend to clash for most women because you’ve been praised to “Put others first” and “being so humble and self-sacrificing”.

I don’t know any woman who hasn’t, in her life, been with a group of people making sure THEY get everything they need, even though she could really use a hand, a nap and breakfast in bed!

And this shows in business too. Overdelivering and getting paid accordingly.

Not feeling like you can approach the subject of increasing your rates without also approaching how you’ll be DOING more.

Being a good person and getting paid well don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

In fact, they go better hand in hand.

Because the more you get paid, the more money you can generate, the more help you’ll be able to provide to others.

It’s time to give yourself a payrise + take control of how YOU want to do business.

Because it gets to be what you want it to be!


What you’ll get:

  • Access to over 12 months of training + Bonus Content
  •  TWO Monthly Group Mastermind Calls via Zoom where you can get direct coaching
  • Tools, techniques + support to help you scale + level up your business and income
  • Private Facebook membership group to ask questions & receive personalized coaching at any time
  • Special Offers to her other programs and offers
  • Exclusive  Membership Upgrade offer to Private Voxer access on a month to month basis for extra personal support
  • A supportive + engaging community of fierce + courageous Business Women

Get over $1,000 monthly value for just: $190 per month!


Doors to this are currently closed – if you’d like to get notified when they will open again you can do so

Who is this for?

Female Service providers such as coaches, web designers, brand experts, stylists, and more!

For the women in business who want to burn the rulebook and take charge because they’ve done enough waiting around for others to tell them HOW to do things. This community and membership is for the future female leaders who are ready to step into their unapologetic leadership role and want support in claiming their space.

You’re able to see and are open to coaching and overcoming your resistances and you are MORE committed to your desires and dreams than you are to your fears.

Who ISN’T this for?

Start-ups that haven’t got their foundations in place (i.e. Website, know what they’re offering, who they’re marketing to…)

Product-based businesses, MLM’s and Men (for now this is a women’s only space)

This membership isn’t for you if you’re looking to throw money at something in the hopes it will work. For what I offer to work (and it DOES) you’ll need to commit to DOING the work – being willing to be open and vulnerable to RECEIVE support is the first step to leveling up. Staying on the sideline and hoping for the best is not a good business strategy so don’t waste your money if this your thing.


“Signing up 14k+ is my new thing!”

“I’d never have expected to be able to sell 8k of work in just ONE phone call, but it actually happened. And then I sold a 14k project in another call. All whilst being me.”

Anna Lewis, Polka Dot Data

I made 19.5k in 4 weeks”

“Before I worked with Adina I was about to file for bankruptcy. Within 2 weeks of our call I banked 11.2k and within 4 weeks I was able to bank 19.5k in total(and counting).”

Lacey Broussard, The Multiorgasmic Mama

I signed up 12.5k for one project!

I’m booked out making consistent 5 figure months. Before I worked with Adina I was scared to even ask for anything over 2k; I chronically undercharged + constantly over delivered.

Eloise Ranson, Founder + CEO, This Is Eloise

Disclaimer: I do not offer refunds or guarantee results. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time (your membership will then terminate at the end of the period you’ve paid through).

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